Thursday, October 31, 2013

Jo-Ann and Tim and Me

I was in Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Store the other day when I came across this printed material. It mimics the look of scrapbook paper, and is, in fact, a Tim Holtz product. (If you peruse the scrapbook and craft aisles much at all, you're sure to see inks and all kinds of other goodies Holtz has created for us artsy-types. Well, when I saw it, I literally stopped in my tracks. I'm not sure if any "oohs" or "ahhs" escaped my lips, but I'm sure if someone were nearby they would have heard that sharp intake of breath when I first spotted the fabric.

So, yes, I bought some. Just a little bit from two different bolts of cloth. I had been looking for a bird of some kind for one of my mixed-media girls and decided then that I would create my own. I know it looks a bit amateurish, but that's okay. I like the look of uneven stitches. There's no doubt when someone sees my bird that it was hand made. I'm good with that.

I haven't finished the canvas yet, but I hope to soon. Right now I've got a little pumpkin-carving to do and some candy to stay out of.

Happy Halloween!


miruspeg said...

Jo-Ann, Tim and you were meant for each other Roban.
What joy it is when we find something that takes our breath away.
I know I am going love your creation!
Peggy ♥♥♥

Kelly said...

He makes great stuff-love this and can't wait to see the finished project

beth said...

this is BEAUTIFUL.....and oh that tim.

he's done it again. i would have been awestruck, too seeing this gorgeous fabric {who knew he added fabric to his line-up?} and play away. i love it !!!

Relyn Lawson said...

Awwww.... That little goat face in the banner is wonderful!!!