Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Okay, I have to admit that I had not thought of writing about my birthday until I read AVT Coach's self-birthday blog. We either share the same birthday, or are only a day apart... at this time of night (or morning), it's hard for me to figure that out!

She has a wonderful entry about what it means to be a Libra... and it fits me perfectly, although maybe not the "keeps the house tidy" part. Although I used to do my share of cleaning, I seem so busy with school work or tired from school work that cleaning takes a back seat. But oh how I love a clean house!

My husband sent me off in style this morning with a Chik-fil-a biscuit and fountain Coke.... (love the bubbles...). It was delicious, but I have to give him credit for preparing even tastier morning treats for me when it's not my birthday. The fountain coke, though, was really special. When I got home this evening, he had a tasty tray of appetizers waiting. All my favorites, such as sushi and a bowl of hummus with warm pita bread. Dinner, which again is quite tasty when he cooks, was courtesy of our local Greek restaurant, Papouli's. Again, he brought home a favorite of mine. This guy knows me well.

And my present.... a new camera! A digital of my own. No more borrowing my daughter's. And although I've moved into the digital age, I will continue to have a soft spot in my heart for my 35mm Canon. My first "real" camera, and one that has produced amazingly beautiful shots of my precious girl.

I've added two photographs of me. One is current, and the other was made in either 7th or 8th grade.... The same age as the students I teach!


AVT Coach said...

Well, I am posting this late but I had to reply. Oh! My! (Twilight zone music) Yes, my birthday was today! I don't clean house. My husband makes me breakfast. I too try to beat my own score on Free Rice (saw your comment on Miruspeg), I too love You've got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle (profile) and love love suchi. Okay, I just named enough that the twilight zone music should be getting louder. Oh and I did have the same hairdo as you in 7th grade picture. And, education field counts because I am a speech pathologist.
So, my new libra friend with many serendipitous (too late in PM to know if spelled correctly) likenesses, Happy Birthday and hope your year is filled with blessings!
Love that you blogged about your birthday too!

miruspeg said...

Well fancy you and avt coach sharing the same birthday and the same age as well I think?????
It was so funny reading both your comments with the imaginary 'twilight zone music' playing in the background!

Roban I am pleased you enjoyed the REM can download just about any song and I am having so much fun searching through the music and music is my little piece of heaven here on earth.

Before I continue my dialogue I'd like to wish you a belated happy birthday....your entry sounds like it was very special and you were pampered and every birthday should be.

The icing on the cake....a new digital camera, how wonderful.
My 35mm Canon has been gathering dust since 2007, but for 6 years we went everywhere together.
Take care
PS avt did spell serendipitous!

Octamom said...

I know AVT Coach very well--she not only is one of my heroes and is a miracle worker in 4 of 8's life, but she is also one of my dear, dear friends--and, yeah, cue the Twilight Zone music!!!

Happy, happy birthday and congrats on the new camera! Can't wait to see the pics you take with it!!

Glad you liked 6 of 8's pic--I have been playing around with a combination of editing suites trying to come up with this result--finally got it after some very odd initial tries! ;o)


AVT Coach said...

My parents were living in southeast Oklahoma and had to cross the border of Arkansas to a bigger "town" to have me. But I do have something in common with Seattle.
When I was in 7th grade my friends (a set of twins) and I had a "lip sync" band. With one twin on each side we wore the same shirts and shorts and called ourselves "The Three Sunsets". Our star performance took place in their backyard with family and friends there to hear us sing "IN SEATTLE" by non other than Bobby Sherman. Now he happened to be a fav that year and I have not found any peers currently that remember him.
So...Seattle was on my mind then! Of course it was a 33 lp and it sort of warped in the sun as we performed the song! Now, do you have ties to OK? And.. so happy that Miruspeg and Octamom know what Twilight Zone music sounds like!!!!!!! I am feeling in good company.

miruspeg said...

Roban I have a surprise for you over at my blog.

Octamom said...

Hee hee! So glad you liked the fashion show--it's a very true picture of daily school wear around here!!!


miruspeg said...

That twilight zone reference gets more intriguing by the your comment about your 'Twilight Zone vacation!'

I see you have added music to your blog....I'll be interested to go through the list and listen to the tracks.
I noticed 'Torn' by Natalie Imbruglie on the list, an Aussie girl who I really like.
However this particular song, a mime artist called Johan Lippowitz mimed it and ever since I saw the youtube I can't separate the song from his miming......he did an excellent job.

Hope the kitchen painting went well and you have a stress free week next week.

mommy2twinkies-Deb said...

Happy Birthday!!! I love your post, and the photos are great. I hope you love your camera as much as I love mine.

Octamom said...

I love it when I see that you've been over at my place--because I know that you're going to leave me a comment that will make me think and will encourage me and will bring a smile to my face! Loved your comments on the Selah--it is all about a shift in thinking, isn't it?


McMGrad89 said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. I think that was one of the many days I was fighting with the internet and wifi. Regardless, Happy Belated Birthday. I hope you had a good one. Use your new camera in good health.