Sunday, June 24, 2012

I think it should be called "Instafun"

or "Instafriend," or even "Instacreativity." This Instagram app on my iPhone has me thinking about photography all.the.time. Really. In fact, the other day as I was driving along the beach road, I saw purple umbrellas lined up perfectly in the sand. What did I do? I pulled over, kind of like a race car driver making a pit stop in the middle of a race. I was that fast and that smooth. On a mission for the perfect "purple" shot. I'm telling you, I find instamoments at nearly every turn.

I'm thinking it could also be called "Instafriend" because I'm having so much fun meeting new people through the app. Several of them have blogs, so I'm also getting to see more of their photographs and read their heartfelt posts. It reminds me a bit of my earlier experience with Scrapblog, where I met Annemarie, Peggy, Wendy, and Julie. It really does seem to be a community of sharing. And each photograph is like a piece of candy. Beautiful, sweet, colorful....

So of course it's all "instafun." Right?

Here's a collage I created in picmonkey of the photos I shared this week through Instagram. All but a couple were taken with my iPhone. Oh, and the excitement about finding the perfect "purple" shot....? That was because of Shutter Sister's word of the month, which for June has been "color." Each weekday was given a different color and bloggers, instagrammers, flickr folks, were encouraged to post their pictures that depicted that specific color. I just wish I'd played along all month and didn't wait this late to get started.

Anyway, here's my mosaic of memories from last week ....

Beginning top left:
have books, will travel
flip flops on the beach
girls ready for a banana boat ride
beautiful "blue" ocean (Shutter Sisters word of the day)
ahhh, sandy, white beach (#whereistand)
PB&J lunches
100 calories of bliss
Barnes and Noble at night
Canon T3 and me (when not using my iPhone)
"lavender" floats
"lavender" window trim
"purple" umbrellas
not a self-portrait (I never could do that!)
Hannah serving up some peace to the world
Hannah and S getting ready to capture glow time
 I needed to dive into some coursework that was due (I did)
blogging at the beach ("black")
what I'm reading
picnic on the beach
Center: chilly and windy with a storm brewing off the coast

Thanks to Mary for hosting Mosaic Monday.
Just click here and you'll magically be transported to her Little Red House!


Vee said...

How cool is that! I really enjoyed seeing all these images. And you're just snapping them off as you see them...very artsy!

Lavender Cottage said...

Great collection of photos making up your nice mosaic.

Lynn Holland said...

Great story mosaic.
You can see what happened in the English lake district yesterday on my blog.

Karen @ away for the weekend said...

I am definitely late to this instagram thing. I love your mosaic! It really makes me feel the beach vacation.

Gardening in a Sandbox said...

A wonderful collection of beachy items. I love the instagram app on my iPhone as well. Valerie

McMGrad89 said...

All super pics. I remember when I snapped pics daily. My camera phone isn't as good as most and I got tired of carrying my camera around so photos are far and few these days. But...I do miss it.

Tamara said...

hi roban! i've found you too. :) oh my...that instagram...complete and total non-stop inspiration. i'm constantly amazed by what i see there. {and your purple shot was perfect...totally worth the pit stop!} :)

Icy BC said...

A fantastic mosaic and great caption to go with each picture!

Summer said...

I agree completely. Instafun is's become somewhat of an obsession...

I'm glad to know I'm not alone....:)

Great photos!!

Relyn said...

I do love Instagram although I am only getting started. Hipstamatic is my favorite camera app so far, though. I do love this mosaic. And your summer. I am loving the thought of your sea-breeze scented summer.