Saturday, June 30, 2012

Where I Stand

is not about religion or politics or which side of the fence I'm on, it's about documenting the places I go, both the mundane and the unmundane. By taking these "feet" shots as my daughter calls them, I feel like I'm keeping a visual calendar of the places I've gone this summer or at least some of the things I've done. But I have to admit, sometimes the photos are taken just for fun.

I've been to my favorite place, Barnes and Noble, many times this summer. Although I prefer smaller independent bookstores like this one in Asheville...

Pool time at the beach. We prefer surf and sand, but afterwards, a quick dip into the pool leaves us feeling a bit more refreshed.

The front door mat signaled welcome home recently after our trip to the beach. And, finally, my feet are in the kitchen, something kind of rare for me during the school year, but it feels perfect during the summer months when I have time to do it right.

We've got a few more trips planned, and I can't wait to take pictures - not just of where I stand but everything else I'll be seeing.

What about you? Where are you headed this summer?

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McMGrad89 said...

Love it, Roban. I think I shall paint my toes right now and sneak out and buy a new pair of sandals. :-) I can't wait to see where your feet land.


PS - Re: Publix
My friend Karen works for one near Orlando. She used to take pictures of all the cakes. Made me wish we had one. You can take me when I come one day.

Roban said...

I would love to, Annemarie! I hope that can happen in the not so distant future!

Kelly said...

I love that magic on the window...can you believe our Borders closed? There isn't a bookstore closer than 12 miles from sad

beth said...

i think the pheet photos or feet fotos are truly fun !!

Pondside said...

What an original way to catalogue a summer!

Denise at Forest Manor said...

Hi Roban,

That looks exactly like my kind of bookstore. We love bookstores at our house; my husband and I met at a bookstore when I was working there many years ago. :)

Thanks for your visit to my blog and for your kind comments. I noticed you mentioned this bookstore is in Asheville. Are you a North Carolina blogger by any chance? Just wondered because I live in NC myself.

Have a great week!


Roban said...


I'm not in North Carolina, but I love it there. We've vacationed in North Carolina off and on through the years, and my in-laws had a house in the Linville area up until a few years ago. Asheville's one of my favorite places. Brevard, too.

Relyn said...

Those are super-fantastic shoes, you know. Pretty darn good pedicure, too.