Friday, April 19, 2013

And They Were Just Boys....

Earlier this week, I let anger take hold. I don't enjoy that emotion. It's draining. Especially when you have no control over a situation. Like the Boston Marathon bombing. I was angry that someone could so thoughtlessly and maliciously injure and kill innocent people.

Tonight I watched the drama unfold.... The older brother, a 26-year-old, died yesterday. The younger one, a mere 19 years old, was finally arrested tonight. And I literally shook my head and felt a sadness drop kick the anger right out of me. They were not much more than boys, those two. Yet apparently they held so much anger and hatred that they could place a bomb right next to an eight-year-old boy and think nothing of it.

Death. Dying. Sadness. I promise in a day or two I will post something on a lighter note. I really didn't want my anger to remain here.... I wanted it gone. 

So instead of anger, there's a little sadness lingering. But hope, too. If you've seen any of the accounts from Boston, the people in that city are nothing less than tough. And patriotic. And they are bound and determined to return to the marathon route next year and cheer once more for the dedicated and determined athletes who aren't about to let someone scare them away from their hopes and dreams.


miruspeg said...

I have just read both of your posts Roban about the Boston bombing.
It is very important when we feel very strongly about something to find the courage to express those feelings.
You have done this amazing well in both instances.

Just because we were not there, just because we are not directly affected, the sorrow, fear, and empathy is no less.

Namaste and big heart hugs.
Peggy ♥♥♥♥

Lisa Gordon said...

A wonderful post, Roban.
I too felt a tremendous amount of sadness for these young men, and I found that, that really confused me.

Slowly though, I am beginning to understand.

bill lisleman said...

It very sad that any human can take actions like this against other random humans. I'm more shocked when I read about an older person such as the 50+ (??60+) year ago in Georgia that shot a school bus driver and grab a little kid as hostage not too many months ago. Young people tend to be very idealistic and more prone to brainwashing. I'm more amazed and sadden when a person goes that long through life and still holds that much hatred.