Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I should be dreaming ...

but I'm not. I'm awake at 12:30 a.m. on my first day back-to-school. And this after I pledged earlier in the week to do better about getting to bed on time. I love this time of night though, when the house is quiet, and I can indulge myself with art or photography or writing.

But tonight my thoughts are a bit scrambled because my brain knows it's time to get back to work... real work, which means more than 100 8th-graders will be taking up a big chunk of my time in a few days, and until then, I'll be busy in meetings and getting my classroom back together.

When we were out yesterday evening, I remembered that this church was coming up on my right. I love the way churches look, especially the time-worn ones that have a distinct character about them. Their architecture. Windows. Steeples. Although storm clouds were rolling in, the sun was still fighting its way through. And it won, that sun. Only a few sweet drops of rain fell.

It's so difficult to balance play time with work.... I'm already thinking how busy I'll be this time next week when students are back in school. I've yet to figure out how to get everything done in a normal 40-hour work week, so work spills over to evenings and weekends making it more like a 70-hour work week (without overtime pay of course!)

Maybe not this year. Maybe this year I will finally figure out how to get out on time. I'm hopeful at least.



Daniel LaFrance said...

Nice looking church. The angle of light and the angle you took the photo at is quite nice.

As for manageing a balanced life. Change your approach to the problem. Make a list of everything you do in your personal life and your work life. Some folks add each event to their lists as they occur. This proves to be an eye opener for many. They didn't realize just how much they did, day-in and day-out. From here you can prioritize, delegate and learn to say no. I know, easier said than done.

On a different note, many bloggers have stopped using word verification. The comment approval option is much more 'commenter' friendly.

All the best with the resumption of school.

miruspeg said...

I like your description of the storm clouds and the sun......and the angle you took of the church Roban.

Regarding balancing play time and work time, unfortunately in the real world and especially a teachers world, 40 hours a week is not enough to complete all your tasks.
But you do reap the rewards of knowing you are changing lives for the better.

Have a wonderful, exciting and relaxed as possible year my friend.

Big hugs
Peggy ♥♥♥

McMGrad89 said...

Today was the first day I didn't have to wake up at a particular time so I went to bed early only to find myself waking up too early. Why!!????

Melanie D. said...

I always have trouble sleeping too, when it's time to go back to school. I hope that your first week back is a positive one, it's always one of my favorite times of the year!

beth said...

thank you so much for the book recommendation !!
it's going to the top of my list !!

and oh no, back to school seems way too early and didn't summer just begin.....xo

beth said...

ps...i just read daniel's comment....if you want to turn off your word verification and don't know how to do it, let me know :)

Amy Putkonen said...

I think you write beautifully. I stumbled over here from the August Break page. Wow. There are a lot of August Breakers! Yours is definitely a keeper. Have fun with your students! Seems a bit early to start school. Wow.