Thursday, August 2, 2012

My World Just Got Brighter

and I'm really struggling to be okay with it. Because it has to do with trees, or now the lack of them in my yard.

When we found this house nearly fifteen years ago, we fell in love with it. Although close to grocery stores and other useful places (think bookstores and coffee shops), once you drive out onto my road you feel that you're in the middle of nowhere (practically). I do have neighbors, but my trees shielded me from them. The trees - five Bradford Pear trees - have stood at each corner of the yard and on each side of the driveway like sentinels. They have grown huge, and they've lived a long life.

But my husband was concerned about them. And about them splitting and crashing into our fence or the neighbor's fence or blocking the road or driveway, so we decided (me more reluctantly) to cut down the two by the driveway.


My husband knew better than to have them cut while I was home. I would probably have chained myself to them or tried to clamber up into the branches just daring the men to start chopping.

So they arrived stealthily in the full light of day and took them down, leaving only ground-up tree stumps in their places.

Would you think I was terribly strange to have shed a tear or two? (I realize horrible things happen in the world each and every day that deserve our tears....) But this was how I felt.

I can't even bear to show you what it looks like now. My hidden fortress has been exposed. Too much light now shines on my driveway, and I can really see the house across the street. All of it. (It's a pretty house, but still, I almost forgot anyone was over there.)

So, here's the closest you'll get for now.

I'm standing on my cracked driveway (probably cracked from tree roots!) and looking at the self-imposed destruction.

We'll replant. We're discussing our options. Maybe Bradford Pears again, since they are quick growers, or maybe Japanese Maples. Hang around, I'll show you the new look when the new trees get big. Say in 15 years?


McMGrad89 said...

My condolences on the loss of your trees. I love the trees in the back yard of my real house, however, if someone said to me today, "Ma'am we need to cut down the sap dripping pecan trees over your driveway" here at the rental house, I would say, "have at it."

Jen said...

I completely get it. We had a huge Bradford pear tree in KC and a storm split it. And I cried. : )

Lisa Gordon said...

I understand how you feel. We are in the same quandary now about a very old (100+ years) maple that is dangerously close to our house. Not quite sure how long we want to test our luck, but hate to see it go.