Monday, August 6, 2012

Saying Goodbye

to summer... I know it's not officially the end of summer,
but for me it will come to a screeching halt tomorrow
when I greet about 130 new 8th-graders.


I'm excited about the new year and my new students,
but I'm worried, too. You see, they've changed our curriculum.
I'm supposed to do things differently, even though my students
have done quite well each year. Like, 99% well.
As in they rock our state tests and learn a lot in the process.

My class sizes have increased.
Which means 130 essays to read
and comment on at a time.

I've been in a dither about it all.
Things have changed, and I'm not too keen on change
when I don't see the benefits.

I want to be bright and colorful and cheerful,
but I'm afraid I'm feeling a bit faded already.
Like this flower...

I'm still taking part in The August Break,
which is supposed to mean posting pictures
with less talking I think.

So I'll be quiet now.


McMGrad89 said...

I can't imagine having to read 130 essays. Although, I probably do the equivalent amount of work having to teach 5 different subjects.

deb christensen said...

beautiful blog & photography!
i'm a retired school secretary so i feel your pain at the end of summer...
our district has had huge, crippling budget cuts for this year, the loss of so many important programs & teachers. class sizes are beyond belief in the elementary schools, with no aid time.
so sad, the priorities of local/state governments...
so sad you have to read all those essays! best of luck to the start of a new year!

Lisa Gordon said...

I go back 2 weeks from Wednesday.
That signals the ends of summer for me.
Sure hope it cools down some.
My classroom is not air conditioned. :-(
Have a wonderful first day of classes!