Sunday, August 26, 2012

Yesterday ...

I dropped my husband off to meet a friend and then took myself on an artist's date.
I hadn't planned to do that. In fact, I was in the middle of grading.

But at the last minute, I turned right
and found myself at one of our city's most historic cemetaries.

I walked and then drove and then walked again.
Looking at beautiful statues
and reading the tombstones,
which go back to the 1700s
and maybe even the 1600s.

Then I looked up and saw her....

and thought she was gorgeous.

As I walked,
I came upon a grave that had been carefully tended
and saw that it belonged to a wife, mother, grandmother.
They had left presents for her and pretty things hanging from the tree limbs.
A big ribbon that floated in the breeze and a dream catcher.

At times I was sad and missed my mother.
I missed going to visit her and watching as she and my daughter
had tea parties in the living room
and went to feed the ducks
at the lake together.

But, even though I was a bit sad yesterday,
it felt good to be out with the sun on my face
and seeing the past and the heartache and knowing
that life goes on. And that we don't know when our last day will come.
So we really have to eek out as much joy from each day that we can.
Even when we do have


augcott said...

Wonderful shot.
Isn't it amazing how peaceful and beautiful cemeteries are?
I find myself walking in them often and just am amazed at the peaceful quiet I experience.
Nicely done!

beth said...

hi regards to your question...{you are a no-reply on blog comments....not sure if you knew that and it would be great if you changed it...hint hint}

look at me being all snarky on a monday morning...but i know you'll know i'm being nice !!

anyway....for sports indoors?....well usually those photos suck. if your sports mode isn't helping, i'm not sure what to tell you.

are you using your long 70-300?....if so, at a minimum your shutter needs to be at 1/300 but i'd try to make it 1/500 or faster and then your ISO needs to way up, large aperture {tiny number} and i'd also be overexposing the shots.

the lights in a gym are simply awful so any that you do get will probably look better in black and white.

maybe that will help ?????

Kelly said...

I LOVE old cemeteries and the angel is peaceful and really beautiful

miruspeg said...

Artist dates are great.....and good for you for taking an unplanned one Roban.

It is very healthy to feel those sad feelings from time to time and I love the "wise" you for eeking out as much joy from each day despite your sadness.

I bet you "breathed though" those grade papers when you got home, refreshed after your artist date.

Adorable angel photos.

Peggy ♥♥♥♥

Daniel LaFrance said...

A visit to the cemetery has a way of reminding us of our own mortality. I agree, try to live each day as if it were your last.

Beautiful statue!

Lisa Gordon said...

This is a wonderful post, Roban, and I am sure glad that I am not the only one who likes to visit cemeteries!